Labour’s New Leader

So, finally we get a new leader of the Labour Party after months of politicking and general haranguing of Labour stalwarts, the government, and anyone who would give them half an ear. Is he credible?

Why have I written nothing about Max Mosley?

Do you remember that old saying – why should I tell him he’s an ass when he does such a good job of proving it all by himself? Well, I did write something about Max Mosley and F1 here. It was just written a little while ago, but still seems to be quite popular. Enjoy […]

Kubica marked out as future champ – but how do you pronounce his name?

BMW are the surprise of the year so far. Yes, everyone thought they would do well, and certainly be in the top three teams (ie 5th and 6th places) but they are instead nearly leading the Formula One World Championship. OK, that’s a bit like being “nearly pregnant” but it is a Boolean variable. Off […]

Should men be allowed in US politics?

Seems to me we’ve heard all this before, and we’re going to hear it all again. Big men in big powerful positions who just can’t resist the temptation of a bit of sex on the side. Why do they do it? Why do they put the success of their whole careers, lives, and families at […]

Liberal Democrat non-leader splits party over nothing

Sometimes you can see leadership written all through some people. It colours all of their actions, their interactions, and their fundamental reactions. Leadership is something you either have, or you don’t. It isn’t about what you know, it’s about who you are. It isn’t how you do things, it’s about how others react to those […]

Boo-Boos of the week

US Elections Senator Barack Obama: Aimed as much at Hillary Clinton as it is against George W Bush, Obama keeps on calling for a change in Washington. He wants to get rid of the people who are already there and bring in new blood to replace them. Err, Senator Obama, that big round Senatey thing […]

The reason why there are so many Government disasters just now is…

There seems to be a complete glut of disasters happening in the Government right now, the latest of which being the two missing CDs containing 25 million records of 7.2 million families and their Child Benefit claims. That came after the row over detention without charge nonsense which nobody other than the government supports. Before […]

Never buy a Computer for a Woman

After at least six months of “my computer doesn’t work properly” I bought my other half a new MacBook. I admit I’ve been pushing for Macs in the office for 2 years – since I found out how good my Mac mini was. But it wasn’t as if she’d never seen the MacBook, she’d even […]

Another World First for Apple Innovators

I’m getting a picture of Laura Metz, the head of desktops at Apple. It’s coming through the ether to me – big power shoulder pads, possibly in purple; lots of chunky costume jewellery, designer dresses, shiny patent leather shoes but not quite matching accessories. Oh yes, and “thin” is important to her. Where am I […]

The little bit of Microsoft that I like

I’ll be honest, most of what Microsoft does I don’t like. But somewhere deep in the bowels of the giant monopoly abuser are some good people doing some good coding and producing some interesting and profitable programs despite the efforts of the upper echelons to cripple good ideas. First of all, forget the top two. […]