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Apple saves Microsoft from Extinction

You may remember a few years ago that Apple was in such dire straights it had to run to Microsoft for some money or go bankrupt. Of course, Microsoft asked for some shares in exchange, and promptly became a 25% shareholder in Apple Computer. I haven’t checked whether they still are, but have been told […]

Wii Like It!

How can I say this gently… people of my age aren’t supposed to be “Gamers”. Closest we’re supposed to get is to like playing solitaire at work. Actually, maybe I’ll come back to this blog later – after I’ve had a quick blast on Freecell… No, just joking! I’ve come to the conclusion that Solitaire […]

The Press Gang’s are back!

Two hundred years ago when Nelson was beating seven kinds of stuff out of Napoleon’s French Navy, the most effective way to recruit people into the service of the King as loyal sailors was via the Press Gang. A team of burly sailors would go ashore, get some likely lads drunk as skunks (with some […]

Lewis Hamilton: Best Brit since Mansell… or Even Better?

If you are a Formula 1 fan you probably already know a lot about the rookie of the year, Lewis Hamilton. Third in his first ever Grand Prix, and Second in his Second. Not even Michael Schumacher could do that. Of course, much of Schumacher’s mystique has arisen from the fact his contracts never allowed […]

Apple Stokes a Digital Music Standards War

You really have to say this guy hits the nail on the head when it comes to forecasting the future of digital music. It’s a shame only the precis worked as an article, but I just hate that faux friendly folksy meaningless bonhomie that some writers think makes them better writers. My arse it does. […]