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The Conservatives Fiddle while the world burns

George Osborn, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, spoke today at the Tory Party Conference. Falsely. He said a lot of things that on closer study are weasel words that do not mean what they lead you to believe you think they mean, and which you want them to mean. In other words, it was a […]

First US Presidential Debate: Obama 61% McCain 39% (Poll)

I just watched the first US Presidential Debate between McCain and Obama on CNN and McCain did not win. Considering Foreign Policy was supposed to be McCain’s strong suit in which he would “wipe the floor” with Obama, McCain was shaky and weak, stumbling at times, and was slaughtered by Obama on the economy as […]

Reforming Bonus Pay for long termism

Currently the financial system is under pressure as it hasn’t felt for decades, and a lot of the blame is being laid on the culture of massive annual bonuses based on short term performance. It clearly cannot be right that a bank such as Lehman Brothers is now in Bankruptcy Protection mode just 9 months […]

Fantastic Vettel Finishes First, Hamilton stays ahead

Sebastian Vettel (pronounced “Fettle”) was today in fine fettle and form (sorry about the pun – couldn’t resist it!) and led from pole into the record books. He’s the youngest driver ever to win a GP, removing Alonso from that position. Not only did he get that record, but he’s the first driver to win […]

Aussies turn into whingeing softies at Paralympics

What a wuss. Second placed Kurt Fearnley in the 800m T54 Wheelchair race at the Beijing Paralympics had a boohoo today. He complained that because he was in Lane 2 he got boxed in and couldn’t win so BooHooed to his team who then BooHooed to the committee – who then, amazingly, said the race […]

Sebastian Schumacher?

Nice one, Seb! Pole position in Italy at Monza – in the wet, too. OK, the wet gave you an advantage, but you still had to go faster than the Ferraris, McLarens, BMWs and Red Bulls – oh, and cash-strapped Renault too.  But nobody can take it away from you – you got the pole. […]

Who is the McLaren Tyre Muppet?

After a fantastic win that wasn’t in Belgium, McLaren made a right mess at Monza. Who was the muppet that put Hamilton on intermediates in Q2? Who was it that held him in the pit lane for many minutes of the session when other drivers were making their fastest laps – couldn’t they make their […]