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McCain, the Lobbyist, Obama, Clinton and the Internet

Whoever broke this story certainly threw a real problem at Senator John McCain. For Republicans, close association with lobbyists is normal business. In fact, that’s how Republicans do business. Just so long as the relationship isn’t too close with an individual (close association with a specific lobbying company is OK), isn’t too often, or too […]

US meddling causes more chaos – in Pakistan this time

Well, whoever it is in the US Administration who’s in charge of Foreign Policy has been pushing for it for months. If not longer. Now, their machinations have produced a result. Only not quite the one they wanted. Well, they do fall for the sob stories of exiled dissidents bearing grudges and looking for revenge, […]

Why Nationalising Northern Rock is a bad idea

So, they’re going to Nationalise the failed Building Society come Bank, Northern Rock. Bad decision. Should have let it go bust. Why? Because of what Biology teaches us. Evolution. Survival of the fittest. Those who take risks, or are unable to compete effectively and independently, die out. Those that do not take dangerous risks, those […]

Sometimes, African’s are their own worst enemy…

In the West we are accustomed to being asked to donate money to various charities that will spend the money in one or another African countries. We have seen all manner of hardships hit the continent, from Biafran and Ethiopian starvation, to ethnic and political instability from Rwanda to Zimbabwe and even once secure and […]

Boo-Boos of the week

US Elections Senator Barack Obama: Aimed as much at Hillary Clinton as it is against George W Bush, Obama keeps on calling for a change in Washington. He wants to get rid of the people who are already there and bring in new blood to replace them. Err, Senator Obama, that big round Senatey thing […]