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Microsoft elbowing themselves onto the One Laptop Per Child project

Microsoft is working to adapt a basic version of XP so that it is compatible with the nonprofit One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Foundation’s small green-and-white XO laptop. The OLPC machine uses low-powered technology with limited processing power, no Hard Drive, and little memory but has a target price of $100 per laptop to enable […]

Which Mac should you get? An old switcher’s guide for new switchers

I first tried a Mac in, oh, about 1986. I hated it. Tiny little box with a screen in it, and the salesman sat me in front of it and tried to persuade me of its (expensive) merits by opening practically the only software they had for it – a Paint program. I wasn’t impressed. […]

Brazil 2007: How did Ferrari Fix it?

Four races ago everyone in the know said that Ferrari’s car was more suited to China and Brazil due to its longer wheelbase design than McLaren’s car. With this in mind, it was always going to be difficult for either McLaren to win at these two Grand Prix, as this season has been the year […]

2007 Formula One World Championship – still not over

The 2007 season has had more twists and turns than a race around the old 14 mile long Nurburgring. Even now, with no more races to go, the results could still change due to apparent rule infringements by the BMW and Williams teams. For a number of years, the fuel in a Formula One car […]

Political Assasination comes in many forms…

This must be the weirdest way to go…

Bloody. Hell. 15-6. Damn. But South Africa deserved it. Just.

The match is over, but the dream remains. England can win again. But this time it was South Africa’s turn. They played better in one single part of play, and that was enough to make the difference in many other areas of the game. What did they do better? Basically, they bonded two men into […]

2007 F1 World Championship: almost over!

It’s been quite a year. McLaren attacked and fined by the FIA claiming they had access to Ferrari secrets – an Oxymoron if ever there was one. Revelations from Ferrari that things are only illegal when they are, err, discovered to be – so the illegal floor they used to gain an aerodynamic advantage with […]