Labour’s New Leader

So, finally we get a new leader of the Labour Party after months of politicking and general haranguing of Labour stalwarts, the government, and anyone who would give them half an ear. Is he credible? Advertisements

Since when did learning to read become a narrow pursuit?

Oh dear. The Pinko Professor’s at it again. Apparently, concentrating in Primary School in the UK on getting kids to be able to read and write restricts them too much, and doesn’t ‘develop’ them enough as individuals.

Kubica marked out as future champ – but how do you pronounce his name?

BMW are the surprise of the year so far. Yes, everyone thought they would do well, and certainly be in the top three teams (ie 5th and 6th places) but they are instead nearly leading the Formula One World Championship. OK, that’s a bit like being “nearly pregnant” but it is a Boolean variable. Off […]

This Week: Now I’ve seen it all…

It isn’t often I’m surprised these days. But just occasionally, every now and then, it suddenly hits me. This evening I was watching as I often do “This Week” hosted by Andrew Neil, ex-editor of the Sunday Times, with regular participants ex-MP Michael Portillo and current MP Diane Abbott. The guest I found most interesting […]

UK Schools League Table Language Nightmare

Why are British schools now pushing Mandarin Chinese as a subject? It’s not the language we need to be teaching our kids if you look at the trade and population movement statistics. It’s as if our schools have become conditioned to only be interested in the GCSE league tables, not the future of our children. […]

I could care less…

Wrong! It isn’t “I could¬† care less” – it’s “I couldn’t care less!” If you miss out the “couldn’t, it actually means you really care a lot… and mostly it isn’t used in this context. This phrase really annoys me, it is abused so often. It’s a joke. And yet people – mainly Americans right […]

Will your finger touch Steve Jobs’ back-side touch-surface?

I just love this. Apple has brought out a new iPod patent that encourages people to touch their back-side touch-surface with a finger!!! Schoolboy humour it may be, but it highlights a wonderful disconnect between American English and British English, as well as identifying just how humourous cross-cultural relations can be. First it was Microsoft […]