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Labour’s New Leader

So, finally we get a new leader of the Labour Party after months of politicking and general haranguing of Labour stalwarts, the government, and anyone who would give them half an ear. Is he credible?

I quite like Ed, he’s not as openly ambitious as his more aggressive brother. He comes across as much softer in his speech, but I expect he has his hidden agenda too. Just how good is he though?

First of all, back in 1997, Labour elected the ‘A’ Team under Tony Blair who was all for military intervention in places we should not have intervened. This was followed by the Labour ‘BC’ team under stone age man, Gordon Brown. Probably a better Chancellor than a leader, he was very good at saying ‘ugh!’ when he didn’t like things, and apparently even of throwing stuff at work colleagues when words failed him.

Next up might have been Labour’s ‘D’ team, aka Milliband, D. They liked him, but not enough so now Labour are led by the Labour ‘E’ team, Milliband, E. If you like, they passed on the erstwhile Stalking Horse of Labour politics, and instead got Ed, talking hoarse.

One can only wonder if the next event in the Labour examination calendar will be ‘F’ for fail?


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