Apple Magic Mouse – Abracadabra or just a Cadaver?

I’ve recently bought an Apple Magic Mouse. To begin with it was frustrating because I was used to a middle mouse button on my macally ecomouse. Installing MagicPrefs sorted that out. It does have some problems though.

Ping Pong Olympics

The 2008 Olympics are tainted, and Jacques Rogge, the IOC boss seems to be blinded by the fog of stupidity (or institional greed)  to see it. Never mind the many political protests that others have so eloquently voiced elsewhere, here I just want to point the finger at how the IOC’s own statements seem to […]

Labour Government has No Standards

I was just reading an interesting story in MacFormat magazine about the NHS. They’ve spent a load of dosh (they can’t do anything without spending a load of dosh, apparently) on bringing themselves into the online age with a couple of applications – Choose and Book, and the even more expensive Electronic Patient Record system. […]

McCain, the Lobbyist, Obama, Clinton and the Internet

Whoever broke this story certainly threw a real problem at Senator John McCain. For Republicans, close association with lobbyists is normal business. In fact, that’s how Republicans do business. Just so long as the relationship isn’t too close with an individual (close association with a specific lobbying company is OK), isn’t too often, or too […]

Which Mac should you get? An old switcher’s guide for new switchers

I first tried a Mac in, oh, about 1986. I hated it. Tiny little box with a screen in it, and the salesman sat me in front of it and tried to persuade me of its (expensive) merits by opening practically the only software they had for it – a Paint program. I wasn’t impressed. […]

That other computing Monopoly

A lot has been written about Microsoft and it’s stranglehold over desktop and office systems, and rightly so as that company has shown they do not use their monopoly power ethically. They claim to be innovators, but their latest Operating System, Microsoft Vista, is no more than a copy of Apple’s OS X – it […]