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Never buy a Computer for a Woman

After at least six months of “my computer doesn’t work properly” I bought my other half a new MacBook. I admit I’ve been pushing for Macs in the office for 2 years – since I found out how good my Mac mini was. But it wasn’t as if she’d never seen the MacBook, she’d even said she liked it. Especially since it could run Windows.

She’d seen it in the shop and said it looked a lot nicer than the others (PCs) and if she had the money she’d buy one, even if it was a Mac which she “doesn’t understand”.

Then her keyboard broke. She sent me an email with all the words on a line of their own, with many letters missing to prove it.

So, mug that I am I went and bought a MacBook – the very same one she said she really liked. The Black One, 2.16 GHz etc.

When I brought it home as a surprise I got a black look, and a deadly silence. “I feel like you’ve hit me over the head!” she said. Huh? How’d that happen? Big discussion followed. I said I’d take it back. That was yesterday.

Today, she said she liked it. She’d have it. I felt good for a moment. Then she didn’t want it. I said I’d take it back.

I biked in to work today so left the computer at home until I took the car. I saw her in the afternoon “I’m sorry I gave you a hard time last night, I do want it, thank you.”

That was a sudden change, but nonetheless welcome.

When I got home this evening, I was expecting her to at least open the box, plug it into her iMac, and do a data transfer using Migration Assistant. She could have the computer to use in the office tomorrow to replace her buggered keyboard. And knackered computer.

No. She doesn’t want it any more. “All that money! Take it back!” Yet another discussion. I said I’d take it back.

Her computer is a 4 year old Maxdata Pentium M Centrino 1.5 or something like that. The keyboard has no visible lettering anymore. Half the keys don’t work. It can’t connect to our wireless Network at home, and if you change the Windows 98 Network settings so it can connect up to the internet at home they all have to be redone manually to connect to the office network. And redone again on returning from work. There’s no automated script. The battery doesn’t work anymore. It crashes three to four times per day. It’s been infected by viruses at least twice.

She’s a lawyer. Would you believe it? She’s one of the principal earners in the office, if not the largest, and she depends on her computer for doing it.

Would I buy a computer for a woman again? Why bother? At least with flowers the same bad feeling only costs me a fiver!

What did I do wrong? šŸ˜• ā“


One comment on “Never buy a Computer for a Woman

  1. Hmm I don’t think that’s a woman specific thing.With computers most people hate change and like what they know even if it’s broken (my hair pulling years of computer support taught me that)and that’s across the gender divide (generally though,the more important they are the harder it is.It’s an ego thing). It was probably the unfamiliarity (with an outside chance it was the wrong shade of black).

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