Want to know what your Dad thinks? Don’t ask me! I’m just a forty-something who cares too much. What about? Fairness? Justice? Nature? Well, all of those things a bit, but mostly I care about the future. Your future and mine. There is only one future, and we all have to share it.

As I work in the finance indusry, keeping an eye on current affairs is really important to me in my job. A political change here or there impacts on the economy, and the state of the economy affects investment returns. Since I left the UK to work overseas my eyes have been opened to many other ways of solving problems the UK didn’t know it had, and this outside perspective sometimes comes through in my writing.

Unlike most politicians, I have to look at the long term of 5 to 10 years or more, so the effects of impulsive actions taken now may at first seem benign, but I have to consider the longer term effects, and who might use a precedent for their own nefarious ends in the future.

Because I originally trained as a scientist, and as an ecologist to boot, I sometimes use biological metaphors and examples in my posts, or even translate biological principles into other fields of interest eg, thinking of an economy as if it were an ecosystem – and it is of course – which I think makes a refreshing change. It gives me an inside angle on environmental issues too.

So that’s what this blog is all about. Trying to stop people cocking up the future by acting like idiots now. All I can offer is keen observation and a sharp wit (he’ll be along in a minute).

I tend to write in flurries, so do come back and visit from time to time. Oh yes, and I still don’t quite “get” all this Web 2.0 stuff, I can’t text talk, and most of the words describing blogging are a mystery to me, so please don’t hesitate to put me right if I go wrong!


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  1. It sounds good. But I hope you are not a fascist type of green who insists we all beat our breasts with rope-soled sandals (my fave saying) and confess our sins. I am quoting your Beeb bash on my blog. Cheers, Cy Quick at mydigest.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your time.

    The recent IPCC report on global warming has been published this week, and has been agreed by every country in the world, including the US and China. The Scientists have now come out and said Global Warming is definitely happening (it is) and that human activities contribute to it.

    Now, I’m not one of those who think we should return to Medieval ways of life or give up eating meat or end our enjoyment of driving cars, but I do think sticking our heads in the sand over this issue is counter-productive.

    The ridiculous thing is that, following Granny’s old adage that “A stitch in time saves nine” – I’m hot on old sayings by the way – the kinds of things we need to do now are very small really. Things like not using so many light bulbs of such high power all the time, giving up 4 litre gas guzzling 4x4s (SUVs to our American cousins) and having sensible cars instead. Stuff like that. I’ll probably post more about this area in more detail later.

  3. Look, anyone who’s done any serious reading on climate theory and modelling knows that “the scientists” are, even now, still guessing. These days they’re finally guessing on the safe side, hedging their bets. Better to eventually heave a sigh of relief, wipe their brows and say, “Well, maybe we were playing too safe.” than to have to say, “We got it wrong, sorry the planet is blootered.”

    Check this out, it was required reading when I did my ecology degree: http://www.theecologist.info/key27.html

    Scientists have known for decades that human behavour would screw the earth, but no-one wanted to know. Now that there are votes at stake, the politicians want to get green and be seen to do so, and businesses want to play along too, in case not doing so affects their public image.

    So climate change, or as the press would have it “Global Warming” (note the use of capital letters and the subtle change of meaning, being now only defined as an upward change of gloabl temperature) has now become a phenomenon, a reportable and marketable thing that people can easily talk about and boast about, without actually knowing diddly squat about the subject.

    I’m not suggesting that the Clarkson attitude is correct. I’m not suggesting that the IPCC report is incorrect. I’m saying that THEY DON’T REALLY KNOW, and all this smug satisfaction about “doing something” is based on vapourware understanding; knowledge that doesn’t really exist.

    In my opinion, we have little chance of really knowing whether “Global Warming” is an anthropogenic process. We can hedge our bets, but even then, we have little chance of knowing whether anything we do will make the slightest difference. It’s just all far too complicated.

    The biosphere makes a room full of Core 2 Duo servers look like a light switch made from two wires, a pair of drawing pins and a paper clip.

    Don’t fool yourself; not sticking our heads in the sand probably won’t make a ha’peth of difference, but more’s the point, we have no way of knowing either way!

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