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French GP TV coverage: Qualifying

Last time, in Indianapolis, only the TV direction was particularly awful, but this time in France both the direction and the commentary were absolutely terrible. James Allen, did you leave your brain at home and then have to borrow one from the local butterfly farm? For instance, at the end of the final qualifying session, […]

ITV News vs BBC News (London bomb attempt)

For some reason (no Newsnight on tonight according to the BBC2 website which showed the Newsnight Review program twice) I watched ITV News tonight, straight after having already watched BBC News, my standard. What a difference – and not a good one. Of course, ITV is a commercial station, but I had not idea it […]

UK Postal Dispute – Jun 2007

Yet another postal strike. Ho Hum. The Royal Mail is suffering from antiquated thinking, from top to bottom of the business. That’s why there are so many disputes. Both management and workforce must share some of the blame though, they never seem to work together. The management see the workforce as a resource to be […]

Bush wants Iraq to be like Israel

No, it’s not April Fools, it’s true. President George W Bush thinks that Israel should be the model for Iraq to aim for. That is, a country that has been at war with its neighbours for 60 years, which has stolen other people’s lands, built on their gardens, fields and public highways, held captive and […]

Gordon Brown’s First Mistake

I had high hopes for Gordon Brown. He was an excellent Chancellor, but he’s proving to be something of a naive Prime Minister. That’s the problem with people who have powerful visions driving them forward – they can’t always see the scenery changing as they stride into the unknown. In my opinion, Gordon Brown’s cabinet […]

Brawn, Byrne, Schumacher and Stepney to form new F1 Team?

At the end of this year, the “Dream Team” of the last dozen years or so – and all of Schumacher’s successful years – will be free of contractual obligations to the Ferrari race team. Ross Brawn, the phenomenally successful Technical Director of first Jaguar, then Benetton and latterly Ferrari¬†is on a “sabbatical” this year. […]

Is Socialist Sarkozy in Microsoft’s pocket?

The ink’s only just dry on the appointment of Nicholas Sarkozy as French Premier, but already he’s showing he isn’t as right wing as expected. Either that, or he’s in the pocket of Big Business. That wouldn’t be the first time for European right wing politicians. You may have heard that the EU Treaty is […]

At McLaren, Alonso’s the Rookie

When you think of it, Lewis Hamilton isn’t the rookie everyone is describing him as. So it should be no surprise he’s doing so well. After all, he’s been with McLaren in one way or another for ten years! He knows the personnel, he knows the way they work, and he’s learned his craft under […]

Gordon Brown: one week to go

Now there’s only a week to go of Tony Blair (breathe a sigh of relief) we have to look forward to see what his replacement, Gordon Brown, will be like. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. One of his first moves when becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer was to make the […]

Land of the Lynch Mob

Texas. June 2007. The 21st Century. The Lynch Mob still rules. Civil society does not. The US has some of the best museums, some of the best funded Universities, some of the best technology – but with all those positives Lynch Mobs still kill innocent people on the streets at night. This is the example […]