This Week: Now I’ve seen it all…

It isn’t often I’m surprised these days. But just occasionally, every now and then, it suddenly hits me. This evening I was watching as I often do “This Week” hosted by Andrew Neil, ex-editor of the Sunday Times, with regular participants ex-MP Michael Portillo and current MP Diane Abbott. The guest I found most interesting […]

The East-European Song Contest

Of course it’s a fix. We always knew that. Scandinavia votes for Scandinavia. Moldova votes for Romania, Romania votes for Moldova. And the Eastern Block? It’s almost a block vote… Maybe they should call it the East-European Song Contest next time. The (currently named) Eurovision Song Contest has always plagued me. When I lived with […]

Shadows and Former Glories

I’ve just been sorting through some stuff I bought in the Christmas sales and promptly forgot all about. I stuffed the carrier bags into a corner and only just got curious as to what was inside them. It turns out the bags contained a pile of cheap DVDs and CDs. Who needs digital downloads when […]

Tony Blair’s Band is Back!

Tony Blair, current-but-not-for-long UK Prime Minister had a band at University called Ugly Rumours. Now Ugly Rumours has got into the UK Top 20 from download sales alone with an anti-Iraq war song. Based on the catchy tune last made famous by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (I’ve got it on vinyl still) the new track […]

When it comes to Microsoft, is BBC news coverage biased?

First thing you have to understand is that most people believe the BBC to be the de rigeur news organisation in the world, compelled by its Charter to be unbiased politically, economically, and in fact in all areas. But when it comes to Microsoft, the BBC does seem to have quite a few MS fanboys […]

Warner tries to nip EMI’s stand against DRM in the bud

Edgar Bronfman, the CEO of music giant Warner, is completely in love with Digital Rights Management. Perhaps it’s the only strategy he knows. Well, not quite – the other one being if someone else does something better than you, buy them out so you still look good through the absence of any competitor, such as […]