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Another World First for Apple Innovators

I’m getting a picture of Laura Metz, the head of desktops at Apple. It’s coming through the ether to me – big power shoulder pads, possibly in purple; lots of chunky costume jewellery, designer dresses, shiny patent leather shoes but not quite matching accessories. Oh yes, and “thin” is important to her.

Where am I getting this from? Well, the new Apple iMac of course. It’s big, shiny, glossy, overly decorated, designer label – and it’s accessories don’t quite match… Who decided a black, aluminium and glossy glass computer would match a white plastic mouse and a white and aluminium keyboard? Oh, yes, most important, don’t forget – it’s very thin! The keyboard is thin, the computer is thin. It’s a thin client computer.

Who cares if the computer is thin? I look at mine front on, it’s then just a 2 dimensional thing in front of me. Like a mirror. Actually, exactly like a mirror. No, it is a mirror! So much so that the only way to view the machine without seeing everything behind you and hardly anything in front of you (ie what’s on the screen) is to point the screen away from you like in this picture by Doug Rosa.

Thin iMac

Suddenly it’s all become clear! Of course, its thin – it has to be! Yet another Apple Innovation – the world’s first only-viewable-from-the-side computer. Glossy? It has no option. Glossy glass for a lossy lass. Poor old Laura. Looks like she Metz her match with that one…

Shame really, I was going to buy one – but not with a glossy screen. No matte screen, no deal.

And Steve, I don’t care how bloody thin it is! I just want to be able to read my text…


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