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Should men be allowed in US politics?

Seems to me we’ve heard all this before, and we’re going to hear it all again. Big men in big powerful positions who just can’t resist the temptation of a bit of sex on the side. Why do they do it? Why do they put the success of their whole careers, lives, and families at such risk? Why is it always men who make politics so sleazy? The latest rumpus involving Elliot Spitzer is a typical example.

In Japan, the girl would have been called a Geisha, and it would have been completely OK – apparently, even some wives pay for their husbands to visit a Geisha house as a special birthday present. But in Japan, it’s done with a little more decorum, baths, massages, tea ceremonies and other civilising influences that take place over sometimes a 24 hour period or even a whole weekend, perhaps with very little actual sex involved.

It seems in the US where some powerful people have little patience for such civility, Mr Spitzer is reported to have paid $4,000 for sex with a pretty, petite brunette, part of an “Escort Agency” involved in Prostitution. In Japan, the idea is apparently for the man to feel like a King; in the US model, perhaps as British heart throb Hugh Grant liked to find out, things can get pretty dirty.

If you look at the recent record, we’ve had successive Republican politicians involved in scandals involving gay sex, extra-marital sex, and now a Democrat dragged down as well.

If people want clean politics, why don’t people elect a female President? I can’t see a woman straying from the straight and narrow as much as a man. We men are too easily tempted. And men at the top of the ladder of power only get there because they’ve got big Cajones.

Perhaps it’s hardly surprising that having big Cajones brings a few other effects, too…

To paraphrase Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

What are they good for?
Absolutely nothing
Having sex,
Everything that you can get,


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