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Alonso can’t beat Hamilton without Ron Dennis

I believe Lewis Hamilton has the potential to be the first rookie in Formula 1 history to win the World Championship in his first year. But only if Ron Dennis doesn’t continue to give Alonso the best strategy, a lighter car, and team orders to stop Lewis challenging him. I’m not alone in believing Lewis […]

That other computing Monopoly

A lot has been written about Microsoft and it’s stranglehold over desktop and office systems, and rightly so as that company has shown they do not use their monopoly power ethically. They claim to be innovators, but their latest Operating System, Microsoft Vista, is no more than a copy of Apple’s OS X – it […]

Microsoft to incorporate advertising into Windows

Rumours are going around that with the recent USD 6 billion purchase by Microsoft of digital marketing firm Aquantive the software giant is planning to incorporate advertising into its Windows OS. The BSOD could be sponsored by an insurance or car breakdown company – or even a car manufacturer with the line “Aren’t you glad […]

Will your finger touch Steve Jobs’ back-side touch-surface?

I just love this. Apple has brought out a new iPod patent that encourages people to touch their back-side touch-surface with a finger!!! Schoolboy humour it may be, but it highlights a wonderful disconnect between American English and British English, as well as identifying just how humourous cross-cultural relations can be. First it was Microsoft […]

The East-European Song Contest

Of course it’s a fix. We always knew that. Scandinavia votes for Scandinavia. Moldova votes for Romania, Romania votes for Moldova. And the Eastern Block? It’s almost a block vote… Maybe they should call it the East-European Song Contest next time. The (currently named) Eurovision Song Contest has always plagued me. When I lived with […]

Tony Blair: I was right!

Back in January I said here that Blair would go in May. I was right – he’s just announced it to the cabinet and will be staying on until 27th June in a “caretaker” role. As if he hadn’t been playing the caretaker role for a couple of years already! His legacy is plain to […]

A Healthy Diet that works for Diabetes (and others)

I said in this post that I would give you more details about my successful diet, so here we are. (I’m not a nutritionist, but I did study physiology as part of my University degree, spent time as an athlete, and have had some chats with nutritionists recently). No diet is going to work effectively […]