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Rookie Raikkonnen?

Oh dear. Poor Sutil. Pranged from behind in the Monaco GP held around the streets of Monte Carlo. Hit by the flying Finn forgetting Ferrari has poor grip on cold tyres. Forgetting that tyres cool down during safety car periods – especially when it’s wet. C’mon Kimi, we expect better from you than that! Well […]

Julia Roberts loses weight – medically?

Not often I comment on celebrities – in fact, this is the first time. But julia Roberts just happens to be one of my favourite actresses, intelligent, beautiful, and a great artist. So, I was a little disappointed to see her on the TV at some event in today’s news with a very much thinner […]

Race in US politics

Have you noticed how in the US you sometimes find Black Americans complaining that “Yes, there will be some racism with some white people not voting for Barack Obama” while at the same time they completely miss the fact that they themselves as a group are voting almost overwhelmingly along racial lines and avoiding voting […]