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The reason why there are so many Government disasters just now is…

There seems to be a complete glut of disasters happening in the Government right now, the latest of which being the two missing CDs containing 25 million records of 7.2 million families and their Child Benefit claims. That came after the row over detention without charge nonsense which nobody other than the government supports.

Before that there was the Northern Rock disaster, in which the government bailed out the ex-Building Society turned “Mortgage Bank” with an open cost of some £30 billion potentially over the long term.

There are loads more too. To be honest, the Northern Rock fiasco was caused by slack policy in the USwhich created the sub-Prime scandal, and nothing to do with Gordon at all. Having said that, he did have the choice of letting the Northern Rock go bankrupt, and he decided he wouldn’t. Bet the fat cat boss of Northern Rock who made himself a millionaire from windfall profits when the carpet baggers sold off the family silver didn’t mind being rescued like that.

Funny thing though, Fat Cat bosses of privatised and semi-publicly owned businesses such as the Northern Rock always clai they need to earn such high salaries “because of world competition for top executives which means we have to pay them the market rate”.

Like hell you do. They aren’t the same at all. They get bailed out when they create a monumental cock up. Private bosses get sacked.

Of course, neither situation is a disaster for the boss that caused the problem through his daft decisions in the first place – oh no, whether private through and through or public servant to private philanderer, they always seem to end up with contracts that guarantee them five year’s worth of salary as a Golden Handshake or £10 million, whichever is the larger.

But I digress. This is supposed to be all about Gordon, remember? Well, there’s a very good reason, I believe, why Gordon’s on the rack right now.

It’s called Revenge. Revenge of the Sir Humphreys.

Gordon Brown was probably Britain’s most successful (and longest serving) Chancellor ever – certainly in living memory. He did a great job, and by having had a deal with Tony to not be moved out of his job in any reshuffle, he actually learned his way around the civil service pretty well, learned all their tricks, cons and subterfuges, and learned how to counter them all.

Not only that, but unforgivably, he stopped them spending money! Their own money (in their eyes), which they were entitled to spend how they wished through dint of being a civil servant charged with spending the money of the taxpayers.

Imagine all the times Gordon trod on people’s toes, slowed down their plans, and even interfered in internal matters! Remember that big spat Gordon had with the Civil Service over pensions a year or two before he took over from Tony?

Well, now the chickens have come home to roost. Gordon’s out of No. 11 and into No. 10. Well, his office has changed, if not his living quarters. Apparently the flat at No 11 that is for the Chancellor is bigger than the one that goes with being Prime Minister at No. 10, Downing Street. Since Tony had a bigger family than Gordon, he bagged the bigger flat at No. 11 which meant Gordie moved into No. 10 to live in some years ago – and now he’s working from home again.

Only problem is, he cannot control the Civil Servants any more, and every chance they get they’re letting one loose. They’re revelling in his discomfort and pain.

I just wonder how long it’ll last though. At some point all the accumulated bad things they stored away for years will run out, and Gordon will suddenly start to look all competent and in charge again, just in time for the next election campaign.

From Gordon’s point of view it must be a bit like a trip to the dentist. Murder having the tooth out, and painful for a short while, but my goodness is it better in the long run when the toothache goes away!

Sir Humphrey may live to regret the way things are going…


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