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Invading Iran

“The capture of British Navy servicemen by Iranian forces is not simply an incident over sea sovereignty in the Persian Gulf. It is a calculated move on behalf of Teheran’s Jihadi chess players to provoke a “projected” counter move by London and its American allies. It is all happening in a regional context, carefully engineered […]

Shadows and Former Glories

I’ve just been sorting through some stuff I bought in the Christmas sales and promptly forgot all about. I stuffed the carrier bags into a corner and only just got curious as to what was inside them. It turns out the bags contained a pile of cheap DVDs and CDs. Who needs digital downloads when […]

US House Prices Bomb: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to blame

Late mortgage payments and home repossessions in the US have hit their highest level since records began, while the Trade deficit in 2006 was also the worst ever at over $850 billion – the fifth successive year of rising deficit, both according to Official US records. Economic experts say they think the Trade deficit has […]

Britain’s Internet hangs by a thread

This story reported on PC Pro’s website made me think a bit. Apparently Al Qaeda wanted to blow up London’s Telehouse facility, which reportedly carries most of the UK’s internet traffic. Excuse me? So Britain doesn’t have a communications system that would be immune to a nuclear strike or other attack, as the internet was […]

Do we really want an elected House of Lords?

With all the fuss about “Cash for Honours” scandals affecting people such as Lord Levy and Tony Blair, it seems like the end of the line for appointed Lords. Does that make any difference though? Before 1215 and the Magna Carta, the King of England ruled absolutely and the pyramidal feudal system supported him. However, […]

Why aren’t MacBooks Blue?

You’ve probably noticed you can get iPod Nanos in many different neon-like colours. Now you can even get iPod shuffles in brilliant colours. Heck, even the Microsoft Zune comes in bright, err, brown. Looking at cars, most women I know haven’t got a clue what make of car their friends drive, but they do know […]

Tony Blair’s Band is Back!

Tony Blair, current-but-not-for-long UK Prime Minister had a band at University called Ugly Rumours. Now Ugly Rumours has got into the UK Top 20 from download sales alone with an anti-Iraq war song. Based on the catchy tune last made famous by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (I’ve got it on vinyl still) the new track […]