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Blocher’s Swiss mainstream “Nazis” want Israeli policy of collective punishment

Why is it that with so many lawyers in political jobs these days mainstream politicians in the major powers fail to see the dangers of setting a precedent or allowing one to be set? If the principle behind Israel’s collective punishment of the families of Palestinians thought by them to be terrorists had been soundly […]

Ban the Haka. Or at least move it.

I like the Haka, I think it brings an extra dimension to TV, but let’s have it at the end of the match, not at the beginning. The dance now performed isn’t even the traditional Maori form. The All Blacks do obtain significant biological advantages at the beginning of each game from performing the Haka. […]

UK Schools League Table Language Nightmare

Why are British schools now pushing Mandarin Chinese as a subject? It’s not the language we need to be teaching our kids if you look at the trade and population movement statistics. It’s as if our schools have become conditioned to only be interested in the GCSE league tables, not the future of our children. […]

McLaren, Max Mosley, the Man from Ferrari – and Renault?

Yesterday I read right to the end the transcription of the Extraordinary Meeting of the World Motor Sport Council (html) (pdf) of the FIA held on September 13, 2007 which fined McLaren a record $100 million and took away all this year’s Formula One Constructors points from 2007’s top team. Much of it was boring […]

CNN Political Ticker pulls post “Americans are getting fatter and dumber”

Why? Because people agreed with it? Or because they didn’t attack it? You can see here the post no longer exists. It was just quoting a Democratic candidate saying how America’s obesity figures had risen, and literacy figures had dropped, but some of the comments were interesting. Mostly cleverly written, but one or two misled […]

How to Win in Formula 1? Send an email to your competitors.

As we have seen, McLaren-Mercedes have lost their constructors’ championship points for the 2007 season and will pay a record fine of $100 million USD, the FIA World Motor Sport Council decided today. So, to win the Formula 1 World Championship you don’t need to actually beat anyone on the track. You don’t have to […]