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Why does Boston not teach Geography?

I recently found out that they don’t teach Geography in schools in Boston, Mass. in the USA. Can this be true? Last September a group of kids went to Boston, Mass. in the US for a two week exchange visit. They came from Switzerland. You may not know this, but the Swiss admire America the […]

Vista is too cheap

A lot of posts in various places lately have been complaining about the price of Vista, saying it’s too expensive. But think carefully: what is it you are really paying for? I don’t mean the alleged $10 million house that Bill Gates lives in, or the high salaries of Microsoft staff, or any of the […]

Is the BBC a monolith?

One of the right wing UK gutter press editors, Paul Dacre, is getting desperate to increase his readership figures by getting some cheap publicity from attacking the BBC. He says “it’s too big, its journalism starts from the premise of leftwing ideology, and its a monolith distorting Britain’s media market…” What’s really happening though is […]

Killing the Innocent

According to a study for the EU on smoking related deaths, “over 19,000 non-smoking adults die every year in Europe. This estimate only takes into account deaths from four diseases linked to passive smoking : coronary diseases, strokes, lung cancers and non malignant respiratory diseases…. These figures could be even higher if we took into […]

Ford Sinking

You can’t say they couldn’t see it coming – Ford have experienced 11 straight years of falling market share, and now they’ve gone and made a loss of nearly $13 billion in a single year. When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee? One of their workers interviewed on the global satellite […]

3G makes me Sick!

Well, not me personally – at least not that I know of, but a 2003 study (pdf) conducted by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) found people exposed to radio fields from 3G base stations experienced nausea, tingling sensations and dizziness. Most experiments in Universities rely on students of said Institutions as subjects. […]

Open Standards

There’s a lot of hoohaa around at the moment that’s revolving around the standards to be used for future documents. For years the .doc proprietary format for Word files has ruled the roost, courtesy of the Windows monopoly and the fact that MS Office is a pretty capable program that would probably be able to […]