WRC 2011: England v France Quarter Final

Did you see the England – France Quarter Final? What happened? Was it poor selection, poor motivation, lack of discipline, lack of vision, lack of tactics, lack of strategy or what? Advertisements

Monza F1 GP 2011 – BBC TV coverage

Having just lambasted ITV for their awful TV coverage of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and said that the BBC have the best sports TV coverage, I’m now wishing I hadn’t been quite so profuse in my praise of the Beeb.

Rugby World Cup 2011 – ITV coverage

First time the Rugby World Championship has been on ITV, I’m watching the Scotland game and am already incredibly frustrated by the inadequate TV coverage being provided by the UK’s main Commercial TV station.

F1: the pathetic joke that calls itself a sport

There is a rule in Formula One that the drivers are very afraid of. They really should never break this. Just so they know exactly what this rule is, there is another (unwritten) rule for the officials that insists they repeatedly demonstrate to the drivers exactly what it is the drivers should not do. It’s […]

Mega Massa makes mincemeat of opposition as ham-fisted Hamilton has a horror

The nice thing about Formula 1 is its unpredictability. Well, this weekend, anyway. Never mind the unusual shenanigans happening off the track in Chelsea dungeons, on the track we are having quite a year. Quite rightly the Crown Prince of Bahrain insisted nothing would be allowed to distract us from the racing, despite all the […]

Kubica marked out as future champ – but how do you pronounce his name?

BMW are the surprise of the year so far. Yes, everyone thought they would do well, and certainly be in the top three teams (ie 5th and 6th places) but they are instead nearly leading the Formula One World Championship. OK, that’s a bit like being “nearly pregnant” but it is a Boolean variable. Off […]

French GP TV coverage: Qualifying

Last time, in Indianapolis, only the TV direction was particularly awful, but this time in France both the direction and the commentary were absolutely terrible. James Allen, did you leave your brain at home and then have to borrow one from the local butterfly farm? For instance, at the end of the final qualifying session, […]