Conservative Manifesto 2010

Also known as the “Invitation to Join the Government of Britain” the Tory manifesto was launched today. Much like the Labour one I wondered about which planet they were on when they wrote it. It seems to be all give aways – in a time of economic crisis! Electoral bribes, sorry, inducements are what they […]

Since when did learning to read become a narrow pursuit?

Oh dear. The Pinko Professor’s at it again. Apparently, concentrating in Primary School in the UK on getting kids to be able to read and write restricts them too much, and doesn’t ‘develop’ them enough as individuals.

Microsoft elbowing themselves onto the One Laptop Per Child project

Microsoft is working to adapt a basic version of XP so that it is compatible with the nonprofit One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Foundation’s small green-and-white XO laptop. The OLPC machine uses low-powered technology with limited processing power, no Hard Drive, and little memory but has a target price of $100 per laptop to enable […]

When the Government becomes a Fanboy (but says they’re not)

There was an interesting debate in Parliament about computing last week. Does the UK Government favour Microsoft? Fanboys come in two flavours: the committed and devoted user with no financial stake to protect, just the defence of their decision to use one solution or another as an expression of their ego or intellectual snobbery; and […]

UK Schools League Table Language Nightmare

Why are British schools now pushing Mandarin Chinese as a subject? It’s not the language we need to be teaching our kids if you look at the trade and population movement statistics. It’s as if our schools have become conditioned to only be interested in the GCSE league tables, not the future of our children. […]

Britain and America worst environments for children of any of the Top 20 rich countries

The only rich country that treats its children worse than the USA is Britain, according to a recent Unicef report [1.5Mb pdf]. OECD and WHO studies contributed to the results which show the direction to go in is clearly the European one as the Netherlands came first, and Denmark and other Scandinavian countries were in […]

What is wrong with Income Tax?

Most obvious of course is that it still exists almost 200 years after it was introduced to fund the Napoleonic Wars – which we won ages ago anyway. One big problem with Income Tax is that it is normally collected by people who live a long way away from where we do. What’s worse is […]