Why a smaller Trade Deficit is bad for Britain

The UK’s latest Trade deficit figures are being lauded as positive news and the “best ever since 2003“. Now, when deficits get smaller it’s supposed to be good, right? In this case, wrong. It’s actually quite a bad sign, especially when you compare it to Germany which is in the supposedly hopeless Eurozone.

The punishment should fit the crime

One of the principles I grew up with was that “the punishment should match the crime” so it came as a surprise to me how some offences are dealt with when I watched an episode of “The Lock Up” on BBC3. The case I saw didn’t just shock me, it made me re-examine my whole […]

Conservative Manifesto 2010

Also known as the “Invitation to Join the Government of Britain” the Tory manifesto was launched today. Much like the Labour one I wondered about which planet they were on when they wrote it. It seems to be all give aways – in a time of economic crisis! Electoral bribes, sorry, inducements are what they […]

Ping Pong Olympics

The 2008 Olympics are tainted, and Jacques Rogge, the IOC boss seems to be blinded by the fog of stupidity (or institional greed)  to see it. Never mind the many political protests that others have so eloquently voiced elsewhere, here I just want to point the finger at how the IOC’s own statements seem to […]

Julia Roberts loses weight – medically?

Not often I comment on celebrities – in fact, this is the first time. But julia Roberts just happens to be one of my favourite actresses, intelligent, beautiful, and a great artist. So, I was a little disappointed to see her on the TV at some event in today’s news with a very much thinner […]

Labour Government has No Standards

I was just reading an interesting story in MacFormat magazine about the NHS. They’ve spent a load of dosh (they can’t do anything without spending a load of dosh, apparently) on bringing themselves into the online age with a couple of applications – Choose and Book, and the even more expensive Electronic Patient Record system. […]

How I’m winning my War on Diabetes

A little while ago I wrote my piece on the dietary regime I’ve been following to combat Diabetes. I was diagnosed with the condition on 15th April 2007 and spent a week in hospital. Since then I’ve been trying to live as healthily as possible, and it’s had a marked effect on my life. For […]

A Healthy Diet that works for Diabetes (and others)

I said in this post that I would give you more details about my successful diet, so here we are. (I’m not a nutritionist, but I did study physiology as part of my University degree, spent time as an athlete, and have had some chats with nutritionists recently). No diet is going to work effectively […]

Diabetes can improve your life

I haven’t posted for a while as the hospital room I was in had no internet access. I’d like to say I got plenty of rest as a result, but in hospital? With the comings and goings of staff and other patients, nurses and Doctors poking and prodding you – and the condition you brought […]

Apple saves Microsoft from Extinction

You may remember a few years ago that Apple was in such dire straights it had to run to Microsoft for some money or go bankrupt. Of course, Microsoft asked for some shares in exchange, and promptly became a 25% shareholder in Apple Computer. I haven’t checked whether they still are, but have been told […]