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Boo-Boos of the week

US Elections

Senator Barack Obama: Aimed as much at Hillary Clinton as it is against George W Bush, Obama keeps on calling for a change in Washington. He wants to get rid of the people who are already there and bring in new blood to replace them. Err, Senator Obama, that big round Senatey thing you go to work in every day, isn’t that in Washington? So doesn’t that mean you? And by the way, how about a different speech now and then – I keep on hearing you say the same things over and over again…

Senator Hillary Clinton: All the world knows you stuck by your husband Hillary, and that’s laudable, but did you have to cold shoulder him quite so publicly when he was trying to congratulate you after your speech on Super Tuesday? He tried so very hard too… Go on, give him a hug!


Bill Gates: Speaking as the owner of a company that dominates the world in many areas, not least of which being the 90% of office productivity software, 85% of Operating Systems, “The world needs an alternative to Google.” Google’s corporate motto is “Do no evil”. What does that say about Microsoft?

Tom Robertson (Microsoft’s general manager for corporate standards) talking about supporters of the Open Source ISO standard ODF file format: “Frankly some of the opposition is very commercially based”. Really? And Microsoft’s pushing of its own, non Open Source, proprietary OOXML format owned by a single monopolistic corporation isn’t commercial, then? Ahhh, Diddums…. is da likkle baby crying den?


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