Scars of the past open new wounds in Middle East

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Dithering means dying in Libya

The West is dithering over Libya, and the result is innocent civilians are dying, and will die in even larger numbers if all we do is talk. We seem to have learned nothing from Iraq, nothing except the wrong lessons that is.

Lies, damn lies, but no Statistics

As someone who lives in a country in which proportional representation and coalition governments have brought stability, prosperity and common sense to politics for the last fifty years, I find the American-style partisanship of the UK AV Referendum rather sad. Worst of all is the group that are using lies, damn lies, but no statistics […]

The punishment should fit the crime

One of the principles I grew up with was that “the punishment should match the crime” so it came as a surprise to me how some offences are dealt with when I watched an episode of “The Lock Up” on BBC3. The case I saw didn’t just shock me, it made me re-examine my whole […]

Conservative Manifesto 2010

Also known as the “Invitation to Join the Government of Britain” the Tory manifesto was launched today. Much like the Labour one I wondered about which planet they were on when they wrote it. It seems to be all give aways – in a time of economic crisis! Electoral bribes, sorry, inducements are what they […]

Obama’s not entirely new Middle East direction

So, Senator Mitchell was duly despatched by the new President to the Middle East. He sorted out the Northern Ireland troubles, so he is given credit for a magic touch when it comes to these things. But in N. Ireland he spoke to both warring factions, In Palestine he will only speak to one. And […]

The Path to Peace in Gaza?

Here are some excerpts of what I wrote during the last few days of the 13 day attack by Israel on Gaza. It’s a basic summary of news reports, official figures, analysis, and my own opinions. I support both the State of Israel and Palestinian Statehood, but this recent conflict shows up one side to […]

Britain’s Parliamentary Democracy is slowly crumbling away

One of the foundation stones of any healthy democracy is adherence to and respect for the rule of law, but it seems even at the the highest levels of British political life, liberties are being taken that affect all our freedoms.

The Conservatives Fiddle while the world burns

George Osborn, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, spoke today at the Tory Party Conference. Falsely. He said a lot of things that on closer study are weasel words that do not mean what they lead you to believe you think they mean, and which you want them to mean. In other words, it was a […]

Reforming Bonus Pay for long termism

Currently the financial system is under pressure as it hasn’t felt for decades, and a lot of the blame is being laid on the culture of massive annual bonuses based on short term performance. It clearly cannot be right that a bank such as Lehman Brothers is now in Bankruptcy Protection mode just 9 months […]