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This Week: Now I’ve seen it all…

It isn’t often I’m surprised these days. But just occasionally, every now and then, it suddenly hits me. This evening I was watching as I often do “This Week” hosted by Andrew Neil, ex-editor of the Sunday Times, with regular participants ex-MP Michael Portillo and current MP Diane Abbott. The guest I found most interesting […]

Bollocks in Bolivia

South America is a place the US clearly took its eyes off since 911, and look at what has happened since. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (another Gaddafi if ever there was one, worse than Fidel Castro who at least had the interests of his people at heart) and now of course, all the troubles in […]

Do Foreigners have too much control over British Politics?

Murdoch: I decide Sun’s politics This has got nothing to do with taxes or immigration issues. It’s a lot more important than that – in fact it’s a completely fundamental flaw in Britain’s current system of government and explains a lot of the negative culture that so holds Britain back from its true potential. I […]

The reason why there are so many Government disasters just now is…

There seems to be a complete glut of disasters happening in the Government right now, the latest of which being the two missing CDs containing 25 million records of 7.2 million families and their Child Benefit claims. That came after the row over detention without charge nonsense which nobody other than the government supports. Before […]

Is a new Regional Power slowly taking over in the Middle East?

The trouble with being an oil executive is when you get into politics you can’t lose the habit of digging holes for yourself. Really big ones that get bigger and bigger. Look at the Bush Administration. Stuffed full of oil industry magnates and lackeys. Naturally, they have always had a big interest in Iraq. But […]