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Ground Effect returns to F1 (it’s illegal by the way, except if Ferrari do it)

Ferrari went testing in Barcelona today. And lapped two and a half seconds faster than anyone else, including McLaren. Now, that isn’t a normal difference: they’ve added something new to the car. Ground Effect. Autosport reports that the new nosecone they used today has two slots in it that transfer air from a high pressure […]

The Week of Denial

This week every other news item seems to be about some luminary, or thinks-he-is-a-luminary, exhibiting remarkable powers of denial over reality. Here are the shockers that most immediately come to mind: Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is clearly in denial about having been defeated in the recent elections. Not only has the result not been made public, […]

Mega Massa makes mincemeat of opposition as ham-fisted Hamilton has a horror

The nice thing about Formula 1 is its unpredictability. Well, this weekend, anyway. Never mind the unusual shenanigans happening off the track in Chelsea dungeons, on the track we are having quite a year. Quite rightly the Crown Prince of Bahrain insisted nothing would be allowed to distract us from the racing, despite all the […]

Pole on Pole

Nice lap, Robert. Light fuel load? No matter, pole is pole. I could hear the cheers from Warsaw from here! I’ve always liked Poles – those of the thousands who live in the UK have all been pretty decent people. Friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Considering they faced death if they went back to their home […]

Why have I written nothing about Max Mosley?

Do you remember that old saying – why should I tell him he’s an ass when he does such a good job of proving it all by himself? Well, I did write something about Max Mosley and F1 here. It was just written a little while ago, but still seems to be quite popular. Enjoy […]

Labour Government has No Standards

I was just reading an interesting story in MacFormat magazine about the NHS. They’ve spent a load of dosh (they can’t do anything without spending a load of dosh, apparently) on bringing themselves into the online age with a couple of applications – Choose and Book, and the even more expensive Electronic Patient Record system. […]

Zimbabwe: Not even a Banana Republic…

Not so long ago the term for a mis-managed, non-performing, shambolic and rather-laughable-if-it-weren’t-so-sad country was to call it a “Banana Republic” because that was often the main export of such countries, their location frequently being between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn where bananas are most easily grown. Except in Zimbabwe. All the productive farmland […]