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When it comes to Microsoft, is BBC news coverage biased?

First thing you have to understand is that most people believe the BBC to be the de rigeur news organisation in the world, compelled by its Charter to be unbiased politically, economically, and in fact in all areas. But when it comes to Microsoft, the BBC does seem to have quite a few MS fanboys […]

Tony Blair: “We didn’t cause the terrorism, the terrorists caused the terrorism!”

My Tony, you really believe what you hear coming out of your arse, don’t you? Your statement has the same amount of truth as the gang of thugs who threw the paraplegic into the canal and said “We didn’t cause the man to drown, the water caused him to drown!” If the quote passed you […]

Warner tries to nip EMI’s stand against DRM in the bud

Edgar Bronfman, the CEO of music giant Warner, is completely in love with Digital Rights Management. Perhaps it’s the only strategy he knows. Well, not quite – the other one being if someone else does something better than you, buy them out so you still look good through the absence of any competitor, such as […]

Four-legged duckling born in Hampshire

Not sure if he’s swapped his wings for an extra set of legs, but this little fella really does have four flippery feet! Apparently he also has “power naps” as his owner, Nicky Janaway, calls them. Please, drop the “power” from nap – they’re just so opposite, not apposite!

The “Get A Mac” UK ads just don’t get it

For those of you who don’t visit the Apple UK website and haven’t heard they have some UK only “Get a Mac” ads. Most of them are pure copies of the US ones, so I won’t talk about those here. Instead, what about the two new ones – Home Office and Tentacle? Apparently the UK […]

Who needs DRM?

Digital Rights Management. Who needs it, apart from BillyG and StevieB that is? Do the big music and film studios need it? Well, they think they do, but Steve Jobs doesn’t think so. He has posted his Thoughts on Music on the Apple website. He says he wants to remove DRM completely: Imagine a world […]

Why do laptops still have such small keyboards?

Back in the old days when laptops were B I G and H E A V Y, the fashion was to make the keyboard with fewer keys than a desktop, and what keys there were were often cut down versions of their big brothers. A kind of de facto “laptop keyboard” standard arose. But then […]

Britain and America worst environments for children of any of the Top 20 rich countries

The only rich country that treats its children worse than the USA is Britain, according to a recent Unicef report [1.5Mb pdf]. OECD and WHO studies contributed to the results which show the direction to go in is clearly the European one as the Netherlands came first, and Denmark and other Scandinavian countries were in […]

What is wrong with Income Tax?

Most obvious of course is that it still exists almost 200 years after it was introduced to fund the Napoleonic Wars – which we won ages ago anyway. One big problem with Income Tax is that it is normally collected by people who live a long way away from where we do. What’s worse is […]

Five things Microsoft do Better than Apple

I regularly use both Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs every day so am quite used to how they work. The Apple Macintosh OS X package has a lot of advantages over most computers running Microsoft Windows, but Apple doesn’t do everything better. Here’s my list of things that in my opinion Apple could improve on. […]