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Microsoft to incorporate advertising into Windows

Rumours are going around that with the recent USD 6 billion purchase by Microsoft of digital marketing firm Aquantive the software giant is planning to incorporate advertising into its Windows OS.

The BSOD could be sponsored by an insurance or car breakdown company – or even a car manufacturer with the line “Aren’t you glad our cars don’t break down as often as your computer?”

Windows Explorer could advertise the cult TV show Lost, McDonalds could advertise on the Start menu since their food always has loads of extras you don’t really need to start the day, while lastminute.com could sponsor the MS Office menu bar with the message “The total time you’ve wasted so far this year looking for the correct control in this program is enough to have spent two weeks in the Caribbean at this hotel. Book now!”


One comment on “Microsoft to incorporate advertising into Windows

  1. Innevitable I guess. There’s something I find ever so slightly appropriate about a Macca’s sponsored Windows explorer. I guess Microsoft are looking for additional revenue streams to claw back the 6 billion dollars worth of R&D that went into Vista. Each to their own I suppose. I remember reading years ago about subsidised car Insurance if you placed an ad on the side of your car and there was going to a be a free computer that required you to view 3 mins of ads everyday in order to keep the PC but neither ever saw the light of day.

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