The East-European Song Contest

Of course it’s a fix. We always knew that. Scandinavia votes for Scandinavia. Moldova votes for Romania, Romania votes for Moldova. And the Eastern Block? It’s almost a block vote… Maybe they should call it the East-European Song Contest next time.

The (currently named) Eurovision Song Contest has always plagued me. When I lived with my parents it was one of the most important programmes of the year for my mother to watch. I managed to escape it for a few years at University, but now it’s my girlfriend who can’t miss it. So I sit there, suffering. But like Terry Wogan, I don’t do it silently. I mean, there’s just so many opportunities to take the piss out of the contestants!

This year there were no Western European countries in the Top Ten, so apart from Germany, France and Britain turning up in the final next time automatically (because they basically fund the whole thing) all the other Western European countries will have to qualify in the semi-final. Which means they won’t get through because of the large number of Eastern European countries who block vote – or even have the government owned media invent the votes, they’re so “politically correct” – in an East-European autocratic kind of way.

So, it looks like Western Europe will be frozen out of the running for the foreseeable future. Until the organisers have had as much as they can take of non-Western hospitality and change the rules that is. And they do need changing.

It’s improved tremendously since the BBC’s Terry Wogan’s been the compere though. His wit and charm have enlivened many an otherwise tedious and boring evening, although he was a bit tame this year I thought. Probably been warned about what he said about other countries’ entries. He summed it up well this year though “It’s been a great evening – not musically – but it’s been a great spectacle…”

Isn’t it amazing how many people are willing to make a spectacle of themselves?


2 comments on “The East-European Song Contest

  1. I still enjoy the contest and try not to get bogged down in the predictability of the current voting system (our Terry could predict where most of each countries votes would go) but watch it for the same small minded reason I do every year. It’s kitsch and makes me laugh (quite a bit actually).

  2. Maybe they should stop calling it a contest and rename it a show? That does seem to be all it is right now…

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