Tony Blair: I was right!

Back in January I said here that Blair would go in May. I was right – he’s just announced it to the cabinet and will be staying on until 27th June in a “caretaker” role. As if he hadn’t been playing the caretaker role for a couple of years already!

His legacy is plain to see: Iraq. Whatever else he achieved, the invasion of Iraq will go down in history as one of the biggest political blunders since the Suez crisis back in 1956. At that time it was the Americans who told us we couldn’t just go around invading foreign countries willy nilly. This time Britain sided with the Americans who invaded a foreign country willy nilly. And found out why the Americans of 50 years ago said such actions were not a good thing.

The Americans were right in 1956. But Bush and Blair thought they knew better. Such egos.

Well, pride comes before a fall.

The mid-term elections on both sides of the Atlantic have shown what each country’s respective populations think about their leaders’ actions, with massive losses for both the Republicans and for Labour.

What a legacy to take into retirement. Unhinged, unloved, unwanted.

Bye bye little Tony. You won’t be missed. Or will you?


3 comments on “Tony Blair: I was right!

  1. Let’s go easy on Tony Blair. He did what he thought was right. He is a great ally to America. It is Bush who needs his head examined. They all got the wrong information. They should Admit it. Make the changes and move on.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment. I agree some head examinations are called for. How would you like it if your President decided to put the interests of a foreign country ahead of those of his own countrymen?

    They didn’t get the wrong information – they got incomplete information but pretended it was whole. They even made stuff up in support of their desire to invade Iraq, when the real war was in Afghanistan and Beluchistan where Osama bin Laden is allegedly hiding.

    Some say Iraq was invaded for the oil, but there is more to it than that, despite Cheney’s company picking up some juicy contracts. They had to find something to deflect criticism of their inability to capture Osama in Afghanistan, and to show they were “hitting back” after 911. They needed a “quick success” to get some headlines fast. Some success. Some headlines.

  3. For our Tony Iraq was an extension of his own attempts to extend a combination of the simplistic theories of positive and negative liberty/freedom.Certainly the US have a policy of negative liberty (enforced “freedom” in order to extend their own commercial and political beliefs). Tony’s speech was interesting in how almost Kenndyesque it was. We have entered a post Blair Britain quite quickly after the announcement even though he hasn’t gone yet but the spotlight will now be on Brown and his perceived difference from Blair (or not).

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