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Julia Roberts loses weight – medically?

Not often I comment on celebrities – in fact, this is the first time. But julia Roberts just happens to be one of my favourite actresses, intelligent, beautiful, and a great artist.

So, I was a little disappointed to see her on the TV at some event in today’s news with a very much thinner than normal face – just like she’d had cosmetic surgery. Too much cosmetic surgery. The Michael Jackson sort of too much cosmetic surgery. She just looked so thin. Much of her beauty had gone as her sunken cheeks stared out of the TV.

I blame a society in which image is considered paramount, but in which thinness is considered the main component of beauty. Well, by the image makers in Hollywood, anyway. I’m not convinced that they have realised that normal people don’t think quite the same anymore, after all, people are getting much bigger in Western societies and stick insects look spiky and unfriendly when compared to a woman with her natural curves and musculature fully intact.

Thing is, these actresses and other women who put themselves under the knife seem to be chasing a female view of beauty – to be thin because they think men want them to look thinner. But most heterosexual men do not. Sure, men aren’t after obesity, but the cosmetic surgery industry is just ruining too many faces of once beautiful actresses and entertainers.

Maybe the higher numbers of homosexual men in the fashion, glamour and entertainment industries skew the look of the average woman in such roles because they sub-consciously try to turn the women into boys and therefore select-out “normal” looking women?

Most men like curves, they like the natural swelling of a female stomach – they don’t want a woman with a six-pack. Men like a woman with a friendly and supportive looking face, one that offers softness that to them represents gentleness, not sharpness or thinness which represent meanness. I won’t even mention curves in other places.

Please women of the world, leave the cosmetic surgeons to people who really need them, like burns victims. And if a man tells you to go under the knife, ask if he is gay, or just married. Chances are, he won’t have your real interests at heart.


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