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Ping Pong Olympics

The 2008 Olympics are tainted, and Jacques Rogge, the IOC boss seems to be blinded by the fog of stupidity (or institional greed)  to see it.

Never mind the many political protests that others have so eloquently voiced elsewhere, here I just want to point the finger at how the IOC’s own statements seem to be completely out of touch with reality. It’s as if the IOC are trying to pretend there is nothing wrong when not only is there a rather too obvious Peking pong hanging over the games, but information that is in any way critical is being censored and surpressed.

Beijing air ‘safe for athletes’ (“for events lasting less than an hour”)

Which websites has China blocked?

Beijing unblocks BBC Chinese site (Chinese Wikipedia still off limits)

China relaxes internet censorship for Olympics (“At the moment the channel for reporters to use the Internet is fully open” – says China)

In the internet age, dinosaurs like Jacques Rogge (who probably still has his secretary type his letters for him) really need to stop spinning deeply unpopular news that is so easily double checked on the internet. The more the IOC opens its mouth, the more foolish they look.

At least we know the IOC has the right logo – the Chinese authorities are clearly running rings around them. In Peking, that’s about the only thing that is clear…


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