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Pole on Pole

Nice lap, Robert. Light fuel load? No matter, pole is pole. I could hear the cheers from Warsaw from here!

I’ve always liked Poles – those of the thousands who live in the UK have all been pretty decent people. Friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Considering they faced death if they went back to their home country while it was under Russian domination, they always showed a phlegmatic sense of National pride, duty and patriotism tinged with sadness at their and their country’s loss.

It’s really nice to see such a friendly, determined and heroic people rise up and compete on the world stage in what is something that would only be possible in a non-communist world. Formula One. And Robert Kubica – today, you must be Poland’s hero. Best wishes for the race – chill out and don’t let your nerves get to you this time…

Talking of nerves, let’s see if Massa can keep it on the track this time. He really needs to finish! Never mind fighting for position, he just needs to keep it on the track. For a change. Maybe no traction control really does separate the men from the boys? And Massa right now is looking more and more like a boy…

As for the boy Hamilton, well, the boy done good. As Our ‘Enery would say. At a track where the Ferraris are clearly dominant (I am assuming they have more fuel on board than Kubica) pushing Raikkonnen down to 4th was no mean achievement.

Not sure why James Allen boo-booed again on ITV saying that it was good Hamilton was ahead of Alonso. Err, yes James. If you haven’t noticed yet, Alonso is in a Renault, and lucky to even get into final qualifying. There is no way he will be a contender this year – he couldn’t stand the heat, so he got out of the (McLaren) kitchen. At least James Allen explained the difference between what ITV calls the “hard” and “soft” tyres and the drivers call the “Prime” and “Option” tyres. Nice to see F1 moving to BBC next year though I am sure there are some good people in the ITV team as well.

Hamilton along with Kubica is on the grippy side of the track too, as is Kovalainen, unlike both Ferraris who are on the slippery side – but on the inside of the first corner. Should be an interesting start!

There’s going to be mayhem into Turn One. Kubica will get off into the lead, Hamilton will follow him, but the Ferraris will try to move over to the left asap to get onto the grippy side of the track with Raikkonnen overhauling Massa who will be desperate not to go off and therefore more cautious. This will then leave space on the right side of the track for those starting from fifth and below who may pile into the Turn One with too much speed on the slippery, sandy part of the circuit, not being able to stop and giving a few cars a light tap here and there. At least the strengthened, Adrian Newey designed Red Bulls will be less likely to explode this week! But we’ll see. The picture I’ve just described is just one (rather obvious) possibility.

And we all know that in Formula One strange things can happen. On and off the track. As we have recently found out. Bahrain is going to be a cracking GP.

But one thing you won’t hear this weekend is anyone saying “Bah. Rain.”


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