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Why Independence for Scotland could be good for Conservative Politics

London based politicians have for generations got Scotland wrong. This is particularly true of the right wing Conservative party who have practically no representatives in the land of the Picts. But Independence could change all this. Advertisements

Obama’s not entirely new Middle East direction

So, Senator Mitchell was duly despatched by the new President to the Middle East. He sorted out the Northern Ireland troubles, so he is given credit for a magic touch when it comes to these things. But in N. Ireland he spoke to both warring factions, In Palestine he will only speak to one. And […]

Saving the American Auto Industry

US car makers are in the news right now as just the latest in a line of beggars knocking on Washington’s door. They’re asking for $37 billion in support from cheap finance because, as GM’s Rick Waggoner puts it, “We made mistakes, and because circumstances beyond our control pushed us to the brink,” referring to […]

Why are we in such a mess, Chancellor Darling?

Today UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling announced a £20 Billion fiscal stimulus package and an increase in borrowing to a whopping 57% of GDP or more. Tax cuts on consumption (much of which comes from imports) are to be paid for by future tax receipts (much of which comes from earnings paid to […]

Sebastian Bourdais robbed by disgusting Ferrari Stewards idiocy

You have to be sorry for Frenchman Sebastian Bourdais, four-times winner of the US Champ Car series and latest victim of the flatulent FIA Stewards’ Ferrari favouritism at Japan’s marvellous Fujiyama circuit. Bourdais was in a battle for position on the track with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who had seriously cocked up his race in Japan […]

Just when the US needs everyone to pull together, Republican Partisanship prefers mud slinging

To anyone who’s been off-planet for the last year, the world is experiencing some turmoil at the moment. financial markets are in chaos, politicians are in panic. Houses, jobs, and savings are being lost. Just when people need to pull together, the failed and failing Republicans enter attack mode, slinging mud, spreading untruths, misinformation, and […]

Maybe Congressmen are so rich they don’t need a rescue package

A friend of mine who is into these things spent some time researching the wealth of America’s national politicians. The poorest was a multi-millionaire. We all know that John McCain is so rich that he owns so many houses he actually didn’t know how many he had when asked. And these aren’t small houses either […]