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Should 40 per cent tax relief on pensions go?

Latest news on pensions, released nicely in time for the weekend papers to make a big thing out of is the suggestion that 40% tax relief on UK pension contributions should be limited to 20%. The timing is interesting not just because of its focus on the current dissatisfaction with the higher paid, but it […]

Conservative Manifesto 2010

Also known as the “Invitation to Join the Government of Britain” the Tory manifesto was launched today. Much like the Labour one I wondered about which planet they were on when they wrote it. It seems to be all give aways – in a time of economic crisis! Electoral bribes, sorry, inducements are what they […]

Reforming Bonus Pay for long termism

Currently the financial system is under pressure as it hasn’t felt for decades, and a lot of the blame is being laid on the culture of massive annual bonuses based on short term performance. It clearly cannot be right that a bank such as Lehman Brothers is now in Bankruptcy Protection mode just 9 months […]

The Conservative Tax Naivety

Latest Conservative ideas on tax are to give away £3.5 billion by raising the Stamp Duty threshold on property purchase to £250,000 and through an increase in the level at which Inheritance Tax begins from £300,000 of assets to £1 million. Sound good? So far. But there is a lot of uncertainty about the figures: […]