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How to make Britain ‘more like Switzerland’

Back in December 2011 David Cameron used¬†Britain’s EU veto and caused a lot of ill feeling with its EU partners for the sake of placating the ultra-right wing Eurosceptic part of his party. This was welcomed by the Eurosceptics, and one of them, Mark Reckless said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program “Now we can […]

Why Hung Parliaments are better than scare stories

There’s a lot of lies out there at the moment about a hung Parliament. Let’s be clear about this, the lie-mongers have one aim only: to scare British voters silly with the worst kind of falsehoods about how bad a “hung” Parliament would be. From the Tory Tabloids to Tory Central Office, from Cameron to […]

Bollocks in Bolivia

South America is a place the US clearly took its eyes off since 911, and look at what has happened since. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (another Gaddafi if ever there was one, worse than Fidel Castro who at least had the interests of his people at heart) and now of course, all the troubles in […]