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Why Independence for Scotland could be good for Conservative Politics

London based politicians have for generations got Scotland wrong. This is particularly true of the right wing Conservative party who have practically no representatives in the land of the Picts. But Independence could change all this. Advertisements

How to make Britain ‘more like Switzerland’

Back in December 2011 David Cameron used Britain’s EU veto and caused a lot of ill feeling with its EU partners for the sake of placating the ultra-right wing Eurosceptic part of his party. This was welcomed by the Eurosceptics, and one of them, Mark Reckless said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program “Now we can […]

Lies, damn lies, but no Statistics

As someone who lives in a country in which proportional representation and coalition governments have brought stability, prosperity and common sense to politics for the last fifty years, I find the American-style partisanship of the UK AV Referendum rather sad. Worst of all is the group that are using lies, damn lies, but no statistics […]

After the debate, who’s the People’s Champion?

Thursday, 15th April 2010 will go down in history as the first day British Politics opened up to real public scrutiny with the very first of three Prime Ministerial TV debates. Who was the winner? Was it the incumbent Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his party of power for the last 13 years? Was it perhaps […]

Which mortgages were ‘foolish’?

The BBC website reports: Banking minister Lord Myners has said banks were “foolish” to offer 100% mortgages, after Gordon Brown called for “prudent and careful” lending. Er, no, I don’t think that’s the cause of the current problem, although it certainly doesn’t help after things have gone wrong. But it surely didn’t start them on […]

Obama’s not entirely new Middle East direction

So, Senator Mitchell was duly despatched by the new President to the Middle East. He sorted out the Northern Ireland troubles, so he is given credit for a magic touch when it comes to these things. But in N. Ireland he spoke to both warring factions, In Palestine he will only speak to one. And […]

Britain’s Parliamentary Democracy is slowly crumbling away

One of the foundation stones of any healthy democracy is adherence to and respect for the rule of law, but it seems even at the the highest levels of British political life, liberties are being taken that affect all our freedoms.