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Ta Ta to Tetley Tea?

Just saw the side of my box of Tetley Tea – now sporting the new label “Tata Global Beverages”. What’s that all about? Someone messing with my tea? Something’s stirring in the markets, and somehow I think it’s more than just my cuppa… Advertisements

Why a smaller Trade Deficit is bad for Britain

The UK’s latest Trade deficit figures are being lauded as positive news and the “best ever since 2003“. Now, when deficits get smaller it’s supposed to be good, right? In this case, wrong. It’s actually quite a bad sign, especially when you compare it to Germany which is in the supposedly hopeless Eurozone.

Why are we in such a mess, Chancellor Darling?

Today UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling announced a £20 Billion fiscal stimulus package and an increase in borrowing to a whopping 57% of GDP or more. Tax cuts on consumption (much of which comes from imports) are to be paid for by future tax receipts (much of which comes from earnings paid to […]