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Why Independence for Scotland could be good for Conservative Politics

London based politicians have for generations got Scotland wrong. This is particularly true of the right wing Conservative party who have practically no representatives in the land of the Picts. But Independence could change all this. Advertisements

Which mortgages were ‘foolish’?

The BBC website reports: Banking minister Lord Myners has said banks were “foolish” to offer 100% mortgages, after Gordon Brown called for “prudent and careful” lending. Er, no, I don’t think that’s the cause of the current problem, although it certainly doesn’t help after things have gone wrong. But it surely didn’t start them on […]

Obama’s not entirely new Middle East direction

So, Senator Mitchell was duly despatched by the new President to the Middle East. He sorted out the Northern Ireland troubles, so he is given credit for a magic touch when it comes to these things. But in N. Ireland he spoke to both warring factions, In Palestine he will only speak to one. And […]

Saving the American Auto Industry

US car makers are in the news right now as just the latest in a line of beggars knocking on Washington’s door. They’re asking for $37 billion in support from cheap finance because, as GM’s Rick Waggoner puts it, “We made mistakes, and because circumstances beyond our control pushed us to the brink,” referring to […]

Britain’s Parliamentary Democracy is slowly crumbling away

One of the foundation stones of any healthy democracy is adherence to and respect for the rule of law, but it seems even at the the highest levels of British political life, liberties are being taken that affect all our freedoms.

Maybe Congressmen are so rich they don’t need a rescue package

A friend of mine who is into these things spent some time researching the wealth of America’s national politicians. The poorest was a multi-millionaire. We all know that John McCain is so rich that he owns so many houses he actually didn’t know how many he had when asked. And these aren’t small houses either […]

FIA “to launch global campaign in support of motorists prosecuted for kerb crawling”?

Rumours are that now the FIA have re-elected a President whose primary public image is one of messing about with prostitutes, that the next move is to begin a global campaign to allow kerb crawling motorists to reclaim their fines for engaging the services of prostitutes. Max Mosley, the sad FIA President, has publicly said […]