Ta Ta to Tetley Tea?

Just saw the side of my box of Tetley Tea – now sporting the new label “Tata Global Beverages”. What’s that all about? Someone messing with my tea? Something’s stirring in the markets, and somehow I think it’s more than just my cuppa… Advertisements

Magazine Subscription Reminders – don’t you just hate them?

We all get them. Well, most of us anyway. All those reminders. Never ending trails of paper that hound you until your hair falls out. They start at least 6 months before you actually need to renew, but never tell you exactly when you really do need to renew. After a while, you’ve had so […]

Microsoft to incorporate advertising into Windows

Rumours are going around that with the recent USD 6 billion purchase by Microsoft of digital marketing firm Aquantive the software giant is planning to incorporate advertising into its Windows OS. The BSOD could be sponsored by an insurance or car breakdown company – or even a car manufacturer with the line “Aren’t you glad […]

Apple Stokes a Digital Music Standards War

You really have to say this guy hits the nail on the head when it comes to forecasting the future of digital music. It’s a shame only the precis worked as an article, but I just hate that faux friendly folksy meaningless bonhomie that some writers think makes them better writers. My arse it does. […]

The “Get A Mac” UK ads just don’t get it

For those of you who don’t visit the Apple UK website and haven’t heard they have some UK only “Get a Mac” ads. Most of them are pure copies of the US ones, so I won’t talk about those here. Instead, what about the two new ones – Home Office and Tentacle? Apparently the UK […]