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Lego losing it

Do you remember playing with Lego as a kid? Do you remember how many buildings you could make out of one basic set? Hundreds – in fact, the limit wasn’t the set, but your own creativity, and the more you played with it the more creative you became. That’s all history now though: just try buying one of those great sets these days – Lego don’t sell them any more! Creativity? Lego are losing it!

I used to play with my Lego blocks for hours, creating all sorts of interesting and intricate buildings. One general set would be made up predominantly of that most fundamental of all Lego blocks, the 4×2. It looked just like a house brick, and worked just like one too. I wonder how many architects there are today who got turned on to architecture simply because of what Lego allowed them to do as a child? Perhaps London’s famous “Gherkin” would never have been imagined if the architect had not had Lego blocks to play with as a kid: maybe he’d have become an illustrator or sculptor instead…

So, here I am searching for a basic building set for Lego for my four year old so she can have the same sort of fun I had as a kid. I’ll tell you now, you can’t find them anymore: Lego don’t make them anymore. OK, they do make a basic building block set containing “280 pieces” but few of them are actually useful. None of the local retailers stocked it, so we had to buy online. When it arrived we were shocked to find out that out of the 280 pieces only sixteen were the most important 4×2 blocks.

It isn’t just the blocks that have changed though, the windows and doors are different, roof pieces are now one piece and not tiled, there are no interesting roof corner pieces. Now when you buy one set, it can make one thing. Only. Now, where’s the creativity in that?

Lego! Wake up! You are killing our kids’ creativity, stifling their stimulation and ruining their relaxation. You are changing from Lego, icon to Lego I can’t…


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