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Are McLaren trying too hard?

I am worried that McLaren, in throwing everything into winning the Championship this year, have over-improved their car to the point of making it faster, but undriveable. Hamilton described the newly improved car as “blindingly quick” around the Interlagos circuit in Brazil – but he only managed 4th fastest in Qualifying. That indicates a loss of driveability he cannot afford right now.

McLaren trying too hard sounds right too – perhaps Ron is thinking of retiring and the team want this to be his swansong? And after all the hassle with the FIA and last year’s shenanigans, who can blame him if he did want to retire? Personally I hope he stays on, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t.

So, what will happen in the race? I suspect Massa will win, because he has to. Hamilton will not make 5th place because he’s just not familiar with a) the new car setup and b) driving not to finish first. Whatever happens, I suspect Lewis will finish in a better position the less time his Dad talks to him on the grid. I don’t know what he says in these moments, but at those races where Anthony Hamilton has spent much time at the last minute with Lewis, Lewis has completely overcooked things and made mistakes all over the place.

The question will be, who will cause Lewis problems on the track? We know all about the racist elements in the sport but thankfully only one of those will be driving. The unbalanced stewards will perhaps make some more silly decisions favouring Ferrari, and Raikkonen will perhaps show people that he really is faster than Massa.

Of course, rain may change all that. There is a good chance of rain during the race, and who knows what will happen then?


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