Make-believe Maverick, John McCain

Wow. I always thought he was better than this, but clearly John McCain is a different person altogether – a flip-flopper, a mysogenistic, womanising opportunist who will say whatever he thinks will push his cause (himself) forward the farthest. The article has many quotes from people who worked with him, trained with him, flew with him and were POWs with him. Even his friends were critical. Bad tempered, foul mouthed, self-serving were phrases that often came up in relation to him.


5 comments on “Make-believe Maverick, John McCain

  1. I often silently congradulate the Republican Party for making the “maverick” thing a positive aspect of McCain. To me, it seems like making enemies on both sides of the aisle and being completely unpredictable are very negative characteristics.

  2. Well, if you look at their modus operandii they are the masters of accusing others of the very things they do themselves – especially when the other side actually don’t do it! Some of the stuff coming out of the Republican campaign these days is just so dishonourable. How John McCain can say he will defend the honour of the country when his campaign is full of dishonour is another mystery.

  3. I listen to a lot of talk radio. Today Michael Medved, a Salem Network talker defended McCain as having run the honorable campaign he said he would. There is some serious disconnect there. McCain once was someone I felt was at least trying to moderate the Bush administration, but he failed wrt Katrina and the MCA.

    His campaign has been run by Bush proteges and veterans. I have wondered at times if that — the staff McCain has — was 43’s final shiv to McCain — a sort of way for 43 to show McCain that he should never have run. I know it seems petty, but would you put it past George W. Bush to be petty?

  4. You have a point there, but I rather get the feeling that Dick Cheney and the GOP old guard, the “invisible Kingmakers” have more to do with it. As soon as McCain got the nomination, his whole campaign changed so as to qualify for money from the rich donors. He then morphed into “just another Republican” trying to excite the hard right and the fearful and ignorant GOP base in pursuit of his selfish goals. Truth? Honesty? Honour? Independence of thought? Ha! Those things are for the weak, they seem to think…

  5. fifthdecade: First and most importantly, thanks for stopping by my place today. Second, I love your blog’s name and the accompanying line. Self-deprecating humor is a staple with me. Third, no argument from me about this post–McCain’s has exposed his true nature to anyone who cares to pay attention. In the too bad you lose department, I’m adding this blog to my blog roll so that I might stop by to see if you’re behaving yourself.

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