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Just when the US needs everyone to pull together, Republican Partisanship prefers mud slinging

To anyone who’s been off-planet for the last year, the world is experiencing some turmoil at the moment. financial markets are in chaos, politicians are in panic. Houses, jobs, and savings are being lost. Just when people need to pull together, the failed and failing Republicans enter attack mode, slinging mud, spreading untruths, misinformation, and fear. They offer nothing positive.

McCain looks more and more desperate as he diverts from his previously credible persona into just another weak charactered Republican Attack Dog, looking like he is fearful of losing and greedy for nothing but power and perhaps willing to try fight dirty to ensure he gets it. In the process he is not only nailing his colours to the Bush mast, he is allowing his reputation to be tarnished by the same methods and people responsible for ruining that of President Bush.

I noticed this change just after he had trounced all the more right wing Republican nominees in the race to become the GOP candidate. He won not because he was like them, but because he was different to them. But as soon as the Republican conference was over, his strategy took on a turn for the worse: divisive, negative, aggressive, patronising, weak. Clearly, their money and influence got to him. Fear-mongering took over, as fear can do with weaker personalities.

Then there’s the McCain money scandal in the savings and loan business from the 1980s where his lack of sound judgement as one of the “Keating 5” was made official. Sarah Palin’s many gaffes and her character attacks on anyone who has been taught by or met a certain Illinois Professor over the last 21 years again point to his erratic judgement. He picked her, or at least agreed to have her as his running mate. I can’t help feeling he was manouevred into that one though. Still, he does have a weakness for a pretty face, doesn’t he?

Yet again McCain’s judgement came into question.

Then there’s this sudden morphing from decent guy into greedy millionaire so obsessed with making up for his past mistakes or disclosures in his time in the military that he is willing to sacrifice everything else for it, even at risk to the health of his country.

You no doubt remember his assertion in the First Presidential debate that in order to pay for the recently passed $700bn financial relief package he would cut spending on everything else. But not the military. That would be sacrosanct.

Well, sometimes leadership is not about keeping the things you love, it’s about giving some of them up.

Increasingly, it is clear that McCain and Palin are two one-track ponies: McCain = Military, Palin = Alaska. Isn’t the US a little bit more complex than that?

I’ll close with something less serious though……seen first on The Eclectic One. 😀


One comment on “Just when the US needs everyone to pull together, Republican Partisanship prefers mud slinging

  1. It seems from the psychology of McCain that, in order to remove the scars he had in his service in Vietnam War, he wants to remove them anyhow by taking some military action against any country!
    And yes, my blog address is http://www.ameyawaghmare.wordpress.com . Hope it works,thanks.

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