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How patronising is David Davis?

Did you see the piece on The Tories by Martha Kearney on BBC’s This Week program? In it she did a mini piece with David Davis. What a patronising fop! He irritated the heck out of me, and that was before he even said anything. Well they do say actions speak louder than words…

So what did he do? They set up a shot with them in a cafeteria situation, selecting their food themselves from the standard counter style cafeteria food bar. David Davis was first in the queue, and Martha was second. David Davis ladled a spoonful of rice onto his plate, then dug in again for a second spoonful. OK, I thought, he’s hungry. But no! He then had the cheek, the temerity, the absolute male chauvinist pig rudeness to pile the rice onto Martha Kearney’s plate! Without asking!

Huh? What if she didn’t want rice? What if she didn’t want that much? What if she wanted noodles instead? What if she just wanted to put it on her plate herself? You could tell she wasn’t pleased because she made sure there was enough space between him and her so he couldn’t reach her plate for the next item!

If Mr Davis thought he was being good mannered, then he should have let the lady go first, and allowed her to choose for herself. I suppose he thought he was being good mannered, but if he’d tried to serve my dinner I’d have poured it over his head! OK, maybe not over his head, and I accept he may not have intended to come across the way he did, but he hasn’t got a reputation for being anything other than a bull in a china shop so on this occasion I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Well, as I said, he is a Tory… To think I once voted for them too – just not the current lot.


One comment on “How patronising is David Davis?

  1. You should speak to my wife, I agree with you, he is smug, arrogant and yes, patronising, she thinks he is wonderful. Personally, I think anyone who has to tell you about being an SAS reservist to show how tough he is, lacks any real backbone. Shame on him, but don’t tell the missus.

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