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Maybe Congressmen are so rich they don’t need a rescue package

A friend of mine who is into these things spent some time researching the wealth of America’s national politicians. The poorest was a multi-millionaire.

We all know that John McCain is so rich that he owns so many houses he actually didn’t know how many he had when asked. And these aren’t small houses either – after all he’s reputed to be worth $100 million. But maybe my friend’s findings might shock you.

Are they so rich they actually don’t mind if there is no credit in the system? They clearly don’t need to borrow any money. They may even have forgotten the kinds of things borrowed money can be used for. You know, buying a car when your old one finally breaks, tiding your small business through a bad patch or investing in better equipment for growth, allowing your kids to go to College, spreading out the ups and downs of uneven spending throughout the year, and so on.

I guess a Congressman pays cash for everything. Thing is, hardly anybody else in America or Britain does. America is so in love with debt that the whole country borrows more and more each year from predominantly Communist China and fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, home of all of the 911 bombers plus a few other places. The Republican Administration is just as bad, running a record budget deficit of mammoth proportions.

Why? Well, one suspects the NeoCon Bush government was more intent on looking after the financial interests of their millionaire friends than they were in keeping debt levels down. In fact, they welcomed rising consumer debt because this allowed consumers to continue living in a dreamworld where they were surrounded by goodies, gadgets and glitz at a time when their economy was in fact becoming weaker and weaker. This illusion of wealth is what is deflating right now. Assets we thought were worth a lot, are falling rapidly in value – because of the credit crunch, the inability to obtain credit to oil the wheels of the world economy.

Of course we want to punish these guys who earned millions as they enabled illusion to grow upon illusion. Of course it is wrong that people are paid $50 million a year for working no harder than a struggling single parent or large family breadwinner does.

But this rescue package is not designed to give those people more money, it’s designed to allow us to not lose anymore.

Those congressmen and women who voted against the package should be kicked out of office right now, because they are clearly too rich to empathise or care for ordinary people. They seem too stupid to work out the problem, too selfish to think of others before themselves, too greedy to think of giving up politics, and too gutless to do what’s right, rather than just what will get them elected.

Keep the ones that see sense, and throw out those who were against the bill. November’s election isn’t that far away…


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