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So-so Alonso blames the world

Hockenheim. Alonso blames his car for “a lack of traction” after messing up again.  Err, Nando, that’s called lack of traction control – you know, the computer control thingy that last year let you plant your big fat foot flat on the floor every corner and still give you perfect control.

Well, this year they banned it, so your car won’t do all the hard work for you anymore. You have to use calm control to keep the wheels from spinning. You know, that thing that young Nelson does so well. Calmness. It’s like, err, not losing your temper every five minutes because someone didn’t give you Prima Donna status every time they looked at you.

After your tirade of abuse against McLaren last year, and against Renault the year before, everyone knows your temper is not easy for you to control. It’s got you into a lot of fine messes, hasn’t it? You left after a big row with Briatore at Renault. Then you left under a cloud after falling out with Ron Dennis. Now you are being beaten by yet another rookie teammate – again – you’re back to blaming the car.

Like when you were overtaken at Hockenheim, you clearly lost your rag and tried to retaliate. Fuelled by your  childlike temper tantrum you attmepted to pass the passer, but instead got all crossed up and out of position so much you lost another two places. Just like that.

So, is this lack of traction the same lack of traction your teammate has to deal with when he comes second then? Now, where was it you finished – ah yes, same as two races before, behind your rookie teammate. Another temper tantrum no doubt.

The sad thing is, you actually would be a nice person without these temper tantrums. You’d also be more in demand from race teams. You”d get on better with women. You’d have more friends. And you’d definitely have more points. That’s the problem with having grown up a spoiled child: no control. And control is what you need to exert to let your real talent shine through now that traction control has gone. We all know you have it. Just grow up and its all yours.


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