Rookie Raikkonnen?

Oh dear. Poor Sutil. Pranged from behind in the Monaco GP held around the streets of Monte Carlo. Hit by the flying Finn forgetting Ferrari has poor grip on cold tyres. Forgetting that tyres cool down during safety car periods – especially when it’s wet. C’mon Kimi, we expect better from you than that!

Well done to Adrian Sutil though, a great race. You’ve just had your Alesi moment… (the one that got Alesi his reputation, when after being overtaken by Senna he immediately took Senna back at the next corner, thus ensuring nobody ever questioned Alesi’s driving skills from that moment on – rightly or wrongly). People will notice you now. Your career can only go up from here!

Well done Hamilton too, despite your self-inflicted early puncture. Coming back to earth a bit after last year are we? About time. Nice win though; shame about the safety car when you had a 40 second lead…


2 comments on “Rookie Raikkonnen?

  1. It was an exceptionally good race marred by Raikkonen’s severe brain fade. Looks like he may have a bad case of Ralph Schumacheritis!!!

  2. Ahh yes! I remember well the race in which he slammed into the back of his teammate, Giancarlo Fisichella and put them both out of the race. He was always overly aggressive – except when he had to face up to his brother, which he never successfully did. Wonder who rattled Raikkonnen?

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