Race in US politics

Have you noticed how in the US you sometimes find Black Americans complaining that “Yes, there will be some racism with some white people not voting for Barack Obama” while at the same time they completely miss the fact that they themselves as a group are voting almost overwhelmingly along racial lines and avoiding voting for Hillary Clinton?

If you look at any breakdown of voting in the Democratic Primaries, you’ll see that the Black vote goes en masse to Obama, the white vote and the female vote are more evenly split between the two candidates. In North Carolina for instance, the Black vote went with Obama 9 to 1; the non-Black vote went 58% to Hillary.

Now, is that comment from a Black politician about racism in white voters hypocrisy or racism itself?


2 comments on “Race in US politics

  1. Good question! Politicians are a pretty hypocritical bunch to start with! I’m inclined to think he’s just playing the race card, or perhaps it just proves the rule that “everyone is equal, with some people being more equal than others”.

  2. Another concern is the 10% of Republicans who are reported to have crossed over to vote for Obama in the latest Primaries. Are they doing this because they think he will be easier to beat than would Hillary? Will they switch their vote back to the Republican Candidate when the real election comes in November, after they have helped pick the weaker Democrat?

    Look at the demographics. In states where the spread of population most closely reflects the country as a whole, such as Ohio, Hillary has won hands down. She wins in the white community about 3 to 2; but Obama wins in those states with higher percentages of African Americans. Problem is, only 18% of the country as a whole comes from this community.

    The dream ticket would have been Hillary for President, Obama for Vice-President with him following on after she leaves office; one suspects his Kenyan male pride could not accept a woman as his boss. Even if it means a 3rd George Bush style administration.

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